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It is highly advantageous to be able to read fast in the world today. Studying and working all have implications with reading. Thus, there are many courses and programs developed to aid in speed reading. One such course is the Breakthrough Rapid Reading. Written by Peter Krump, the book is a valuable resource for those interested in Speed Reading Programs. Nevertheless, there have been a few critiques on it.

What Makes Breakthrough Rapid Reading so Great?

Being the former National Director for Education for Evelyn Wood's Reading Dynamics, this book offers a do-it-yourself program to increase reading speed whilst boosting your comprehension level. With an average customer rating of 4.5, the program does offer the fundamental principles and skills for speed reading, which you can complete in the comfort of your own home. Moreover, readers can choose the materials they want to work with and even set their own pace. Thus, the program is ideal for those with busy people.

Those who have followed the program have recorded a significant increase in their reading speed after just two weeks of reading.

Features that Breakthrough Rapid Reading Offers

There are many techniques introduced in Breakthrough Rapid Reading. In addition, the book does highlight the reasons for slow reading in expectation that the reader would change any bad reading habits they have acquired. These bad habits include vocalization, sub vocalization and re-reading. Sub vocalization is the mind's way of 'sounding' the word; it is also known as silent speech. The reading speed is greatly reduced with this bad habit. The same rule applies for re-reading. However, readers tend to re-read if they are uninterested in the written text. Breakthrough Rapid Reading does explain the important of reading and comprehension.

Most speed reading software increase reading speed but are not successful with comprehension rate. Comprehension rate is retention of the information that is read. However, Breakthrough Rapid Reading does offer techniques to ensure that readers receive both ends of the deal.

Moreover, similar to 7-Speed Reading speed reading software, Breakthrough Rapid Reading does place an importance on healthy eyes. With tired or weak eyes, the reader would find it difficult to absorb the maximum amount of information the mind can handle; thus, greatly reducing reading speed.

Another great attribute with the Breakthrough Rapid Reading program is its price. Unlike computer-generated software, Breakthrough Rapid Reading demonstrates the focus of speed reading as it comes in a book. Therefore, many customers can apply their speed reading skills straight away in order to complete the book.

The Critiques

As with any type of program comes critique. Generally, there is a 50:50 rating on the product. Most of the customers are satisfied with the price of the product. Furthermore, many do admit the product has produced positive results in only a matter of days. However, in contrast, there have been reviews to suggest that as a book, it appeared boring and is not suitable for those who do not like to read. Nonetheless, customers have stated the techniques displayed in the book are useful and has aided them greatly.

Have yourself the Breakthrough Rapid Reading experience to increase your speed reading fast. Being very much affordable and with great reviews, it is definitely one of the books you would want to try if you are a slow reader. It might not be as technological as the speed reading software programs out there; yet, it still manages to convey those important techniques needed to increase your reading speed today!

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Breakthrough Rapid Reading

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This article was published on 2010/10/01