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Overview of This Speed Reading Course

I don't like the term "speed reading" and that's not exactly what you and I will focus on through this book.

The speed we read at is less important than how much benefit we get from the information. That comes from the amount and quality of the information we gather from the material which pours on to our desks or out of our computers, and the improvement we see in our ability to recall and use that information.
Will I understand less as I learn to read faster?

That is something which I've been asked by a few people. It would be a poor trade-off, wouldn't it? Though your progress may slow down at times because you have to overcome the slow and limiting procedures you've been using for almost your whole life to date, I've set the exercises and techniques up in a way that helps you to read faster and also retain more than you probably have been able to do before.

You are learning a better way to do something which most of us were never taught or encouraged to do well the first time.

You probably have to overcome habits and mannerisms which have become ingrained over many years.
That will take time, but you will be surprised how quickly you start to see some improvement. Over time you will increase your comprehension well above what it is now.

Any dip during the early stages of your progress through the exercises in this book will be very small and very temporary.

No part of this course should cause you any anxiety or tire you out. Take it at your own pace.
That's one benefit that you get from an ebook over a formal course, apart from the lower cost.
First, you'll check your current reading and comprehension rates.

The second step is for you to set your goals which you want me to help you reach.

Then, I'll help you to start improving both speed and comprehension.

I'll explain various techniques which have helped many people like you to improve their reading and start to enjoy all parts of their life much better.

Some of those tips may be more relevant and interesting for you than others.

Please give each technique which you start to use enough time to have some effect before switching to something else.

As you go through the steps, you'll be able to check your progress and go back over any part which you feel the need to.

When you have gone through the whole book, I will give you some suggestions to help you continue to build on the progress you have already achieved.

You can continue to improve your reading and retention for years to come.

I suggest that you come back to this book in say, six months, and think about doing some or all of the exercises again. That is up to you.

I also have included some tips about improving your use of your memory in other areas. I'll explain why you don't really have a bad memory.

There are also some time-saving tips.

I'll leave it to you to decide how you'll use your newly found spare time and extra energy.

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Easy Speed Reading

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This article was published on 2010/03/31