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How can you improve your reading speed? What benefits would it be for your life? Can you make money off of it? Also termed; "Speed reading", it is a process where the reader can grasp passages with great speed and a great comprehension of the subject. Although there is no real set reading pace in this world, it is considered a valuable attribute in most places to be able to improve reading speed. Thus, speed reading software programs are of great help for this issue. But speed reading involves two tradeoffs, by reading faster you lose comprehension and by slowing down you have more comprehension but less speed. Some people skip phrases or only read every other word, or just read every other sentence.

Speed reading has some basics: the skimming process which involves naturally skimming through the sentences and picking out key words in which most of the sentence is communicated in. Usually adults rather than children use this way of speed reading, although they usually read about 700 words per minute they lose a lot of the comprehension of the subject in which they are reading. Another way to improve reading speed is the Meta Guiding, which involves a point which the eye should focus on which helps the visual cortex comprehend each word toughly. This is achieved by using a sort of pointer, such as the tip of one's finger, or a ruler, a pencil, etc: this way of speed reading is slower but you have a greater rate of comprehension. Another way of speed reading is called Schematic Processing. Schematic Processing involves a term known as Brain Mapping, which basically means that your brain has a greater comprehension of the material which you are reading so it recognizes the information at a higher rate than if wear a unknown subject.

There are companies who sell software programs which are supposed to help you learn how to read at a higher rate than what you are reading at. They have different ways of teaching you, which involves reading a set number of sentences in set number of seconds. Then remembering it and inputting the words in the computer to see what you remember from the original sentence.
Others involve products such as flash cards with words on them and other companies have programs in which they test you at first to set a starting off point.

After you have achieved the starting off point it lets you read passages from your favorite magazine, books, or newspapers. It scrolls through the words and gets faster and faster until you achieve your highest level of rate per minute and it test you again to see your actual comprehension level at the set number per minute in which you last tried out.
There are many ways for people to speed read, but there is a negative effect of speed reading. Not only do you lose the comprehension and the ability to enjoy what you are reading. The best way of reading faster or the so called Speed reading is to read more often.

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Improve Reading Speed

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This article was published on 2010/09/20