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Choosing a pair of sunglasses can take hours - they are a combination of style and eye protection and you need to match both. But there is another aspect to it - what do you do if you wear reading glasses? Take them off and put on your reading glasses each time you are outdoors and need to read something? Not only is this a pain - because you have to carry your reading glasses with you wherever your go, switching glasses around does not look, how else to put it - cool.

And while it's easy to think that you don't need reading glasses when you are outdoors, think about it carefully. How many times have you ad to read something when you were outside. Or have to look at something closely? Or working on something that requires close examination? What did you do, take off your sunglasses and use regular reading glasses despite the discomfort from the bright sunlight? Take heart - there is an easy solution for you.

Ask you optician for reading sunglasses. These are the same as regular reading glasses and offer the same refractive capabilities so that reading is comfortable and strain free. But they are also tinted or coated to protect your eyes from excess light. That means that you can sit in the brightest sunlight, like on a beach, and relax and read with no strain of having to squint to beat the glare.

Reading sunglasses are available in a variety of styles and are designed to take rough outdoor use. They look just the same as normal sunglasses.

Many people use clip on shades over their reading glasses when they have to read out in the open. Besides looking really, really ugly, they could affect the clarity of your vision since what you are in effect getting is a second lens in front of your reading glasses.

But what do you do if you need glasses for both distant vision and reading? Carry two pairs of glasses around with you? That's just adding more clutter to your life. The solution you are looking for lies in bifocal sunglasses. Yes, just like the regular bifocals people where indoors, these sunglasses have lenses where the upper part is ground to match your distant vision needs and the lower part for your reading requirements.

Just like reading sunglasses, these bifocal sunglasses also look like an ordinary pair and are designed to take the rough outdoor use in their stride. While bifocal tinted lenses will have to be specially ground to suit your eyes, the range of frames is immense and you can choose from the plain and simple to the tough military look to designer frames.

With bifocal sunglasses you can put them on and forget about them as long as you are outdoors. There's no need to carry another set of glasses with you. With bifocal sunglasses you can sit in the park in the sun and read a magazine and still easily glance up every once in a while and clearly see what your kids are up to.

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Sunglasses For Reading

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This article was published on 2010/04/03